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Animals Try-It

Apr - May 2001
-We did several fun things like go to the local Zoo and had a tour of a pet store! At the pet store, we toured the pet hospital they had there too!

Cookies Count
Cookies Count

-Jan-Mar 2001
We learned about how to conduct a cookie sale. This included safety issues and manners.

Handsewing Try-It
Hand Sewing

- Jan-May 2001
We learned about different needles used in sewing, made a needle holder and decorated it with different stitches, made a sewing kit and sewed our try-it onto our vests/sashes! We also worked on a service project where we made some tiny quilts for tiny babies when they leave the hospital!

Manners Try-It

- Nov. 2000
We learned about Table manners and Phone manners, and how differrent 
people greet each other in different countries! Do you remember the differences between how you speak to your Grandma or Grandpa, and
how you speak to your friends?

Outdoor Fun

- Earned by participants of 5 days of Clustered Spires Daycamp- 7/2000.

Water, Water 

- Earned by participants of 5 days of Clustered Spires Daycamp- 7/2000.

Science Wonders Try-It!
Science Wonders

 - March - April,  2000
Wow, did you know that a black marker *really* isn't black? We learned how to find and separate the colors that make up
marker ink! It comes form a scientific technique called Thin Layer Chromoatography (or TLC). We also learned to make gak! (also called
slime by some!)

Art to Wear Try-It
Art to Wear

 - January - March, 2000
We made fabric beads from strips (pre-cut) of fabric rolled up with a coffee stirrer inside. The coffee stirrer stayed inside, and whatever was sticking out on either end was cut off. This made it easier to thread onto string. We also made zipper pulls made from gimp, we finger-wove scrunchies from loopers, and learned to make pins from gift wrap or tissue!

Other planned projects:
 - paper beads

Caring and Sharing
Caring and Sharing

 Danielle R. was working on her Silver Award project and we were the recipients! She set up stations were we made little hand quilted sqaures which will eventually be sewn together for small quilts for babies in the hospital,  we learned to make small bracelets (this project may soon "re-appear" for our "Art to Wear "Try-it!) from plastic gimp (also known as art lace). We also helped make cookies for the Frederick Food Bank, and made special Valentine's Day cards for a local nursing home.

Girl Scout Ways Try-It!
Girl Scout Ways

We learned all about the meaning of the Girl Scout Promise and the Girl Scout Law. We also learned about the "Five Worlds" and we made a necklace that showed all of these together! We also learned about days that are special to Girl Scouts such as Juliette Low's Birthday (she is the founder of the Girl Scout movement) and Thinking Day (Feb 11) when we think about other Girl Scouts all over the world!

Safety Try-It!

We made our troop's first -aid kit, and we decorated the bag all the supplies are in, with our names! I wonder how long we will have the same bag...and how many girls will remain in this group...before we stop using it!
We also learned about playground safety, personal safety in the home and outside of the home and fire safety.

Dancercize Try-It!

Earned in 1998

Career Try-It!

Earned in 1998

Colors and Shapes Try-It!
Colors and Shapes

Earned in 1998 










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